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Sheet Music

**When you order you will receive an email with directions on how to print the music from your home computer. Please note that the process is not automated, so your link will not be sent automatically. You will receive instructions within 24hrs, in most cases sooner. 

**I am currently cataloging my works. I also have original works and transcriptions by Rodion Azarkhin that I am also cataloging.We are slowly adding these things.

The Following works are currently available and are printed from your computer via individual download link to your email. All prices include score and parts, when applicable. 

Bass Orchestra/Bass Ensemble

UNDER THREAT OF BASS  by Donovan Stokes, 4 parts, written for 2007 ISB Convention. $10.00 USD

AFFLICTION  by Donovan Stokes. 4 parts written for 2009 ISB Convention $10.00 USD

Solo (unaccompanied) Bass

GADAHA for solo bass in three movements. From the recording  Gadaha $10.00 USD

Sofdu, Sofdu, Godi from the recording  Gadaha $7.00 USD

Star of the County Down/Chanter from the recording  Gadaha $7.00 USD

**For Inez Wyrick’s Double Bass Sheet Music, visit her site and email here for Inez’s catalogue.