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Gadaha is an audio recording of solos for upright bass.

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Here is a track listing:

Caricature (A’ Meyer) MVT. 1: Bowed —Stokes
Caricature (A’ Meyer) MVT. 2: Plucked —Stokes
Star of the County Down (Irish) —traditional
Chanter (Irish) —traditional
Gadaha, MVT. 1: I Am Ill, I Am Blind —Stokes
Gadaha, MVT. 2: Beautiful Black-Haired Girl —Stokes
Gadaha MVT. 3: Crying Tears —Stokes
Sofdu, Sofdu, Godi (Icelandic) —traditional
Death of Cuchullain MVT. 1: Remembrance —Stokes
Death of Cuchullain MVT. 2: Confrontation —Stokes
Death of Cuchullain MVT. 3: Battle —Stokes

You can see a few live performances of pieces from the album here:

Caricature (á la Meyer)

Sofdu, Sofdu Godi

Here are some quotes from folks about the album:

Your technical strengths in crossing over so many styles of music has me absolutely gobsmacked (as they say inEngland). I don’t know how you do it and I thank you for bringing the bass into yet another dimension of capabilities. You’re a master and I thank you so much for sharing this outstanding CD with me.”
– Gary Karr,

I marvel at the virtuoso playing and creative imaginative gifts of Donovan Stokes… Donovan’s virtuosity is amazing. I have … always been amazed at his discipline and ability to perform circus type bass maneuvers with effortless efficiency. He has demonstrated left hand movements that I have never witnessed yet they appear as a natural innovation to the music. So get used to his name, buy his CD and don’t miss a chance to hear him live…You will be thrilled. — Barry Green


Here are some reviews from iTunes customers

This is quite honestly one of the most stunning albums I have ever come across. The way Donovan crosses over so many genres ranging from classical to celtic to bluegrass is simply amazing. And when you factor in that he is comepletely unaccompanied it becomes even more awe inspiring. Add on top of it all a musical prowess that is unrivaled by other bassists alive today, and even those not alive, and this album quickly becomes one that you find yourself listening to over and over because there is always something new and captivating.


Donovan Stokes isn’t a single download artist. You really must hear the entire album to even begin to fathom what an artist Donovan Life of O

This is one of my favorite albums that I own! I like Sofdu, Sofdu, Godi the most of all the songs on this album (I even learned how to play it on double bass!). To me, one thing about this album is that unlike other albums it keeps a consistancy of good music, not one or two good songs with a load of crud in between them. Overall I highly recomend it By the album, its worth it!by Bass_Playr314
Donovan was my bass instructor at the Schwob School of Music in Columbus, GA. When he gave me a copy of this after a lesson one day, I was HOOKED. A true inspiration, Thanks Donovan! —by KushReefer G