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2017 Virginia Senior Regional Bass Material

This is where you can download the bass excerpts and scales for the 2017 Virginia Junior and Senior Regional Orchestra auditions, edited by Donovan Stokes. You can also get direct links to the video lessons here as well.

For the scales click 2017 SRO Bass Scales (includes scales for all regions)

Southeastern Region Junior:

Video Lesson: Click Here

Downloads:  Junior/Preparatory Bass Etude

Southeastern Region Senior: Video Lesson Click Here

Downloads: Senior/Chamber Bass Excerpt

South Central Region Senior: 

Video Lesson: Click Here

Downloads: Senior Bass Etude (1 of 2),  Senior Bass Excerpt (2 of 2)

North Central Region Junior: 

Video Lesson: Click Here

Downloads: Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2

North Central Region Senior:

Video Lesson: Click Here

Downloads: Excerpt 1, Excerpt 2, Excerpt 3, Excerpt 4