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More on Rodion Azarkhin

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I became interested in the life and work of Russian Double Bassist Rodion Azarkhin in the late 1990’s. He had a distinctive style of playing, a palpable sense of individualism and a “no limits” approach to playing the bass, all of which appealed to me.

If you want to learn about this pioneer in the world of double bass, I have recently posted an article which I wrote for Bass World, the Journal for the International Society of Bassists. The article is entitled In Memory of Rodion Azarkhin and was published in shortly after Azarkhin’s death in 2007.

I have written several other works on Azarkhin’s life and you can find a few in the articles section of this website here.

Russian Bass Pioneer Rodion Azarkhin

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Years ago I became fascinated with the life and work of Russian Double Bassist Rodion Azarkhin.  In 1999 I interviewed him in St. Petersburg, Russia where he gave me a stack of his compositions, arrangements and three boxes of solo recordings. I subsequently wrote several articles and a DMA document on his book Kontrabass, published in the late 1970’s. After he died I wrote new several articles attempting to memorialize his life and his high-level contributions to the double bass.

I just put up an article published by U.K. publication The Double Bassist here on the site. (The publication has since gone defunct and was overtaken by The Strad.) You can read the article, Passion and Survivalhere.

More will come!

Learning Rockabilly/Psychobilly Slap Bass

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I just wrapped up a 3 part series of articles of on Upright Slap Bass (you know: Rockabilly Bass!) over at More articles will be up on my site in the near future.

Of course, Members of have access to my online Upright Slap Bass instructional video here on my site.  You can also check it out at

For those of you who have a few days this summer, I will be giving a live session on Upright Slap Bass (Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Jazz, etc.) as part of the Bass Coalition Summer Workshop June 24-26, 2010. Come and enjoy the fun!

If you still can’t get enough of this Slap Bass stuff and want to learn even more about Rockabilly/Psychobilly Bass you can always book a lesson, in person or online (Skype or AIM), by emailing here.